Front-end Development

  • Converting website design to front-end code
  • Use HTML / CSS / JavaScript to develop visually stunning, user-driven websites, web applications, and content management systems
  • Build with a “mobile first” mentality
  • Use JavaScript (jQuery) to perform AJAX calls and integrate with back-end and third party systems
  • Proactively perform cross-browser testing and optimizations
  • Maintain working knowledge of content management and eCommerce solutions such as WordPress, Drupal, Expression Engine, and Magento

Back-end Development

  • Use server-side technologies such as PHP, and Java/JSP to develop websites, web applications, and content management systems
  • Working knowledge of databases MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, SQL / JSON in general
  • Develop requirements and planning documentation
  • Collaborate with designers and marketing to develop amazing products
  • Set up and maintain GIT and SVN repositories for active and archived projects
  • Connect to third-party information using various API techniques

System Administration

  • Set up, manage, and configure hosting environments
  • Functional knowledge of Linux, Apache and Nginx
  • Familiarity with UNIX terminal commands
  • Cloud computing - Amazon, Rackspace etc
  • Background processing, search, caching and monitoring using open source tools and technologies
I have successfully launched more than 50 web and mobile applications. I am an experienced web & mobile application developer with extensive programming skills. My responsibilities includes but not limited to understanding the project requirements, creating project plan, executing the project, utilizing available resources, and disaster managerment. I interact with client/managing team on a regular basis.